This section contains short stories I've written. Most are side-stories for Meipouchou, but some will be completely original.

I Just Wanted to Focus On My Studies, but Now I’m Trapped in a Love-Hate Triangle With a Tsundere Ojou-Sama and My Sadistic, Princelike Dorm Mate (Neither of Whom Are My Sister)

This story contains some sexually-explicit material and is trashier than the other stories on this site.

Alex Pierre is a college freshman with a broken heart. After a devastating breakup, she's decided to put romance on hold to focus on her studies, but that plain is tested when Yoshino Lexington pushes her way into Alex's life.

A beauty with an ugly personality, Yoshino is the daughter of the country's very wealthy finance minister. She hires Alex to be her companion at school, forcing her to wait on her hand and foot. Secretly, the two are smitten with each other, but their prides won't allow them to admit it.

Complicating matters is Alex's new dorm mate, Ibuki Carter, who has designs on Yoshino—and possibly on Alex. Behind Ibuki's princelike facade, she is a sadist at heart. Although Alex and Yoshino are aware of this, Ibuki is a master seductress, and she plays to their every weakness, often pitting one against the other.

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