Schedule for the Remaining Chapters

This post details the schedule for the remaining chapters and my future plans.

Book 3 will contain a total of 35 chapters, meaning that there are only eight remaining. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will continue to post them every Tuesday and Thursday, meaning the last chapter will be posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2021.

I am also working to convert the books into ebook formats, including PDF, but I don't have a schedule for when this will be completed. I still need to write scripts to convert the books from HTML, and I need to commission some book covers.

Originally, that was the entirety of my plans for Meipouchou, but as the world shut down over the last year, I found myself with extra free time. During this time, I wrote quite a few side stories. Some of these stories were folded into the third book, but most of them are self-contained and went in their own directions. As the United States begins to open up again, I hope to spend some time away from the internet, but when I return, I will edit these stories and post them. However, I have no estimate of when that will be.

After that, I hope to pursue other creative projects. When I first started posting Meipouchou, I worried that it would be drowned in negativity, but that has not happened. The few people who contacted me with criticism where polite and constructive. That has made the process enjoyable enough that I would like to continue to publish my works. Right now, I have no firm plans, but if you want to get updates when I post new announcements, please follow @meipouchou on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed.