Content Warnings

Neo Akihabara Meipouchou is a story about people doing horrible things to each other, and is intended for mature audiences. It contains depictions of violence, including sexual violence, but these depictions do not glorify violence, revel in its details, or attempt to titillate.

The story also involves the enslavement of lower-income individuals by the rich. However, at no point is it compared to slavery as practiced in the United States of America or anywhere else throughout history.

Religion is portrayed negatively in these books. Characters explicitly criticize aspects of Catholicism and Buddhism, and some atheist characters misappropriate Shinto traditions in order to make money. But these portrayals of religions, their leaders, and their followers do not attempt to justify religious persecution. At the same time, these books do not ignore the realities of religious persecution either. The city-state of Neo Crystal Tokyo has banned many religions, most prominently Islam, and the story takes place after a centuries-long war which has left much of the the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia destroyed.

There is one sex scene in Meipouchou, between two 16-year-olds. A few ancillary characters also keep minors in sexual slavery, and there are scenes where they intimidate or place their hands on said minors. Again, the purpose of these scenes is not titillation.

Compared to much of what is found on the Internet, Meipouchou is tame, but there are many story points which readers may not wish to read. I have made my best effort to compile a complete list of these topics, but if you feel I have missed any, please contact me and I will update the list.